Analysis of best practices for interactive content design and development for digital communication

  • Edgar Serna M.
  • Alexei Serna A.
Palabras clave: Interactive Content, Project Management, Interactivity, Best Practices, Agile Methods


Introduction. Several authors practice and disseminate good practices related to interactivity and agile, and from different areas and disciplines, as part of their activities, but few integrate them to develop projects. Objective. This paper presents the results of a review in which the level of dissemination of good practices related to these areas and those proposed for structuring, designing, and evaluating interactive content are investigated. Method. To conduct reliable literature reviews, it is necessary to build an initial protocol in which the research methodology is structured. Results. The final sample is made up of 100 works distributed mainly among articles, presentations at events, and online contributions. It was found that 47 % of the researchers publish about good practices to indicate an area or discipline of application, while 21 % describe them from interactivity and 24 % from agile. Conclusions. Furthermore, the good practices found are the result of personal experiences, not general validations, which makes it impossible to conclude whether they are really good.


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