A Journey through Language and Diversity in the English-Speaking Community: from its origins to ther Colombian Case

  • Luca Tommaso Catullo MacIntyre
  • Mateo Vergara Restrepo
  • Santiago Otálvaro Arango
Palabras clave: Dialects, English Community, Global English, History of English, Variety of Accents, English in Colombia.


This article is meant to be a journey through the English community and its diversity, depicted by a variety of people, accents anddialects existing in several native English-speaking countries. It is a brief but meaningful historical background, which starts from the Anglo-Saxon invasion of the British Isles, in the fifth century of our era, and it continues until the spread of English as an international language. A fairly relevant part is also dedicated to the first dispersal of ‘Englishes’, people who migrated from the south-east of England mostly to North America and Australia, giving birth to new and meaningful linguistic varieties. The impact of English on higher education will be extensively analysed and discussed; this includes the brand-new role of twentieth-century English teachers, as well as the history of English in Colombia and its influence in culture, education and language policies, from its origins to its current handling.


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